Flakus & Associates offer an extensive of products and services that can help you achieve your financial and business goals.

Our products include :

Business Finance
Whether you are planning to expand your business, financing a commercial property or purchasing equipment you can rest assured that Flakus & Associates will find the best outcome for your needs, from start to finish.

Small Business Loans
Having a great idea is only the start of establishing a successful business. Many under-funded businesses close within the first year of trading. As a small business owner, Flakus & Associates understand the financial and cash flow issues other small business operators go through and can help you navigate and leverage through their experience ideas and solutions to grow your small business.

Investment Finance
With rents high and interest rates at record lows, coupled with the news that property prices have fallen in recent times, many property experts believe that there’s never been a better time to invest in property.
If you have equity in your home and income from a source other than your proposed rental, perhaps it’s timely for you to call one of our consultants to discuss the pros and cons about borrowing for an investment property.

Equipment Finance
Whatever your business and whatever the type of equipment you need, Flakus & Associates can find you the most suitable finance that leverages on your position as a business. We can help you finance almost any equipment, including cars, trucks, vehicles, earth moving equipment, plant and machinery, refrigeration, agricultural equipment, construction and mining equipment, dental, medical and other scientific equipment, tools and machinery, and computers and servers.

Commercial Loans
With interest rates low and rents high, it makes perfect sense to become owner occupier of your own commercial premise. You can build equity in your own property asset for the longer term, preparing for flexible options in the future. If your business has a strong cashflow and you can satisfy the borrowing requirements, then contact our consultants today.

Structured Finance
With decades of experience, Flakus & Associates can help tailor almost any financial solution for your business or personal needs. Our access to a vast network of like-minded professionals gives you the edge to leverage on the best financial, tax and business solutions available in the market today.

Residential Loans
Business owners are unique in their needs and financial make up, therefore it makes sense that when you look for a loan for your personal or investment home, you look to Flakus & Associates to provide ideas and solutions that cater to your needs as a business owner. Our specialisation in helping business owners get the best business and personal financial balance can only help you to go further in the business and professional side without compromising your personal goals and ambitions.

Our list of services include :

Commercial Property Loans
Commercial Hire Purchase
Chattel Mortgage
Operating Lease
Novated Lease
Insurance Premium Funding
Acquisition Funding
Debt Restructuring
Residential Loans
Debtor/Receivables Financing

For more information about any of these products or services, please call Flakus & Associates on (03) 9598 9222 or submit an online enquiry.