Small businesses have been under pressure for the past year and cash flow is the lifeblood of the company. Whilst good cash flow helps a small business grow and flourish, high inflation, wages growth and high interest rates have all put additional pressure on small business cash flows, and directly impact the health of your business.

Whilst some federal government grants have been implemented (such as the “instant asset write-off”, “Small Business Energy Incentives”, the “$650 electricity bill relief”, for example), small businesses still need working capital and healthy cash flows to enable the business to “tick over” and grow.


Payday Super Laws introduced last year by the Labor government come into effect from 2026, and require businesses to pay super at the same time as wages. This is designed to put an end to unpaid super. Preparing your cash flow for when the laws kick in will give your business more resilience and sustainability.

Most business owners are far too busy to deal with banks. Banking hours aren’t convenient so engaging a professional finance broker with flexible hours will stretch your dollar and resources, and help you achieve your financial goals quicker.


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