About Paul Flakus 

Founder and Managing Director Paul Flakus is an entrepreneurial and creative finance consultant who is passionate about helping small and medium business owners like himself manage and grow their business and achieve their personal vision and goals through creative and clever financing.

Paul began his career with a national financial institution and has been in the finance industry for over 35 years.

Paul Flakus of Flakus & Associates holds Australian Credit License No 379603.

The Federal Government recently passed legislation that all finance and mortgage brokers dealing with consumer related loans are to be either licensed in their own right or representatives of their aggregator and hold an Australian Credit License.

Some of the main points for a broker when dealing with clients is to ensure the following :

  • Borrowers have the capacity to service the proposed loan and all other loans;
  • Ensure that the loan sought is not Unsuitable for the borrower;
  • Broker to hold Professional Indemnity Insurance;
  • Broker to be a member of an External Dispute Resolution Scheme; and
  • When dealing with Paul, you are assured that not only does he hold his ASIC ACL, but he also is fully compliant and is unbiased.

In October 1997, Paul was selected to operate a boutique finance broking business Melbourne, predominately engaged in obtaining finance for clients seeking to purchase a small to medium sized business , mainly involved in the Newsagency, Tattersalls and Licensed Post Office areas and other franchised businesses.

Apart from assisting his business clients, Paul has also successfully assisted over 1,500 clients purchase their residential properties for personal or investment use.

Over the past 15 years Paul has successfully helped more than 3500 clients, including partnerships, husband and wife businesses and professionals achieve their dream business or goals through creative and innovative financing.

Today, Paul’s vision takes him to the next level as he pursues his next challenge – Paul Flakus & Associates – a premier financial consulting firm that is focused on helping clients with every aspect of finance.

Corporate Profile

Flakus & Associates is a leading financial consulting firm with over 35 years of industry experience in every aspect of finance, including business, commercial, private, residential, investment, equipment and personal finance.

Located in the heart of Black Rock, Flakus & Associates specialises in helping entrepreneurs with a holistic and integrated approach to their finance needs and requirements. Flakus & Associates offers access to a network of professionals who can provide a gamut of services that leverage on our consultants’ many years of experience and expertise.