Carolina Rosa

It was important for me to find a Finance Broker who was able to get me a loan quickly, as I had to vacate the place I was renting with my two children within 2 months of it being sold. I also needed someone who had experience in getting loans for people who have a lower income and is self- employed. My tax return income was low for the previous 2 years due to COVID-19.

I had gone to many banks, and also had another broker, who had all been unsuccessful in getting me a loan. That’s when I was introduced to Paul, who had helped a friend of a friend I know to get a loan when no bank would give her one. Paul is a real life-saver because he got me a loan when all others failed.

Honestly, I felt like Paul was an angel! He was so efficient and quick with everything. He also engaged the people he was working with to push everything through as quickly as possible so that I was able to settle in time to vacate my other home. Otherwise, I would’ve had to move twice.

Paul, thank you SO MUCH for all your help. My children and I have our own home now. You have given us the security and peace of mind!

Michelle Macaulay

I was looking for someone to help me with a fairly complicated financing situation, and Paul who was referred to me by a friend said he had great expertise, was very trustworthy and just overall a good person. I contacted Paul and after my first conversation with him I was definitely sold! He took time to understand my situation, provided excellent advice and kept me updated the whole way through the process. He was very happy to answer all my questions, no matter how silly they were, and always responded very quickly. I always felt like he was working in my best interests and cared about getting the best outcome for me – which he did! I can’t recommend Paul highly enough, and I will definitely be using him again for any other financing needs in future.

Kathryn Thomason

A financial broker who would be able to give me valuable advice and walk me through everything I needed to secure my first home are the most important qualities I would seek in choosing my broker – and Paul fit all these to a ‘T’! I came to know Paul through my mother, who highly recommended him because she had used him previously. I found him to be very patient and gave me all the time in the world when assessing properties and which ones were worth putting in offers for. He helped me stay aligned to my long term goals and was always available. With Paul’s help, I got into the property market, for which I am incredibly grateful. Thank you Paul, I couldn’t have done it without you!

Julian & Dominica

In choosing a bank/broker to assist us with finance, we wanted someone who understood our unique situation of being first home- buyers relocating interstate, and who wanted to purchase a property as soon as possible once we ‘hit the ground’. Through a family friend, we were introduced to Paul.

Paul was exceptional to deal with throughout every stage of the process.

He helped guide us through each stressful step of our journey, helped to manage our expectations with regular communication, and assisted with insights into a number of potential properties that were really helpful in our decision-making. (He even provided some free counseling at times, haha!) We felt like we were in good hands the whole time and felt confident throughout the entire process. As first-home buyers undertaking this stressful process, it meant everything to us to feel like we were understood, and that we knew where things were at throughout each stage of the process. It helped to take some of the stress out of the situation and allowed us to concentrate on other things.

Thank you Paul, and we hope you and your family have a terrific holiday season!

Naomi, M.A. Gardens

For me, the 3 most important factors in choosing a bank or broker to assist with finance for our business are trust, honesty and efficiency, and Paul aced all 3 factors.

I found out about Paul and Flakus & Associates from a friend, and word of mouth is a good thing!

My experience in dealing with Paul and getting our finance organised was always pleasant and Paul was highly professional. He has vast knowledge about the inner workings of banks and businesses because he had been deeply involved in the industry and sector throughout his career.

He is also diligent and very particular in that he ensures that he follows up every detail. He is also a shrewd negotiator and persists until the job is complete. This meant that Paul did all the the leg work and presented the best option for us to choose from. He also continually tweaked and improved the negotiations until we had reached the optimum outcome for our business.

I would highly recommend Paul to others – because Paul is kind, he knows the pressures people face in their daily business and he supports you. Paul is also very dogged (committed and persistent), no job is too hard, and he is optimistic in that no problem is without a solution, and he works tirelessly towards the goal always.

Paul is a great communicator. At every point he conveyed information in a way and manner that is easily understood and appreciated. Real talk, face-to-face, phone, email – he communicates frequently and is adaptable to suit your preferred mode anytime of the day, any day of the week. Prompt, to the point and always the consummate professional. That’s Paul for you.

Thank you Paul, I appreciate all you have done for our business. I really could not have done it without your tireless work.

Marj & Ted

We have been very lucky to have Paul as our broker. He is a good guy who tries very hard for his clients. He is attentive and always available to answer questions and provide calm, experienced guidance. If Paul says it can’t be done, then it can’t. If he says he will do it, then he does. Paul is always thorough and on top of the most demanding paperwork. Most importantly, he is ethical and can be totally trusted. We look forward to our next experience with Paul.

Sue & Ross

High on the list of criteria in choosing our broker was flexibility. That’s the main reason we chose Paul when we decided to seek finance for our recent residential investment property purchase. Similarly, flexibility was also the key to our decision to work with Paul again to secure an investment loan for our self- managed super fund. Paul clearly has extensive experience but more importantly, he was understanding and flexible. When we needed quick advice and customer service that was willing to accommodate our busy schedules he was always available – with a smile! That made a huge difference between a stressful process and a stressless one!

We were so fortunate to have discovered Paul through his reputation – word of mouth which was both objective and credible.

Paul consistently kept us updated with the progress of our application. We never felt unprepared or anxious about the outcome. Paul navigated negotiations with potential financiers professionally and effectively.

I would not hesitate to recommend Paul to anyone because of his flexibility, competence and friendliness.

Albert Ma, Telstra Franchisee

It was important for me to have a broker and intermediary we could trust to explain the finance ‘maze’ and associated jargon back to me in layman’s terms. Paul fit the bill because he is someone that can walk me through the process step-by-step and is always available when I had any issues. I also needed someone who took the time to truly understand my unique needs first and foremost and Paul did that well.

I first met Paul when he was referred to me by an associate who has had years of experience dealing with him, and trusted him as well as a keen advocate of Paul professionally and personally.

I especially appreciated that Paul took the time to listen and understand my situation first. He was very supportive without being over-bearing. He was also very forthright and articulate in his communication and explained things in a very clear and straight-forward manner. Throughout the entire process, I felt like I was in a partnership with him.

I would strongly recommend Paul to others if they are looking for a professional who is honest, very experienced and who acts more like a partner than just someone who’s selling a service.

Carol Vale

It was important for us to have a broker we could trust who can help us find the best financial solution. As this was our first investment property we knew we needed someone with experience who will not just “sell us a home loan” but will do the ‘hard yards’ of researching especially as the purchase was in Queensland.

A friend had met Paul through a business network and recommended him. We have not been disappointed in all our interactions with him. Paul works in a relaxed and professional manner. He takes the time to get a thorough understanding of our interests and listened to what we were trying to achieve. He patiently explained why a certain product would be best suited to our needs and covered all the bases. Paul also has a great sense of humour and is delightful to work with!

Paul is very experienced, has a wealth of knowledge and is connected to a wide network of partners. He introduced us to a conveyancer in Queensland who acted on our behalf. He responds in a timely manner with minimum of fuss and always achieved a great result for us. Paul thinks outside the square and is solution focused. He follows through and kept us informed to ensure it was all smooth sailing. Even after the settlement, he checked and attended to all final documentation. We just can’t recommend him highly enough.

Heather Wallach, Director – Classic Moves Relocation Services

“To many relocation and moving is a very stressful exercise. For me, that is my business so it comes naturally. However, my blood pressure does tend to head north when I am required to prepare financial loan documents, look at best financial products for fit for purpose, and organise valuations of property to substantiate my loan application.

I was referred to Flakus and Associates via a friend who had engaged Paul who had previously organised a financial loan for a business she was purchasing. At the same time, I needed to reorganise my private and business finances and establish a business loan that had an overdraft facility to allow for business growth and unplanned contingencies.

I first met with Paul from Flakus and Associates in February 2016 for the initial discussion and financial assessment/screening. My business loan was finally approved in August 2016. Paul restructured all our personal and investment financial loans, set up my business loan as a standalone entity, and organised the valuations for our investment property and residential property. This was a complicated restructure that neither I nor my partner would have been able to fathom alone. Paul kept us informed at all times during the entire process, and would even come to my office to have documents signed and sent off to expedite the process.

Thank you Paul for your attention to detail, for never getting exasperated by the silly questions I would ask, and for always clarifying what was happening. I will definitely be a loyal and returning client should there be a need in the future (however, I do not want to take on any more loans!).”

Stephanie & Phillip

Q. What was important to you in choosing a broker to assist you with finance for your recent financial consolidation?

We were in the market for the services of an experienced Finance Broker who could understand our total financial position, one who is able to work with us to achieve our goal of a total consolidation that can provide us with a positive result. So, the experience and track record were very crucial.

Q. How did you find out about Paul Flakus?

Paul has been our Finance Broker since 2007 when he arranged finance to build our new home. We always found his quarterly newsletters been informative so when the time arose for us to seek professional assistance, Paul was the 1st and only choice for us.

Q. How would you describe the experience of dealing with Paul and getting finance organised? 

Paul is a highly professional finance broker who is well informed and knowledgeable. We had several initial meetings, usually on weekends, to discuss our position. He continued to work closely with us throughout the entire journey, which was highly appreciated as we both live busy lives and found it difficult to meet during office hours. He is very different from the banks who only operate during normal business hours.

Paul researched options for us and recommended a non-bank lender   which provided us with the finance required. He did a lot more than just filling in the loan application. Prior to any application, he completes a credit report for borrowers to ensure that if any matter needed to be addressed on the Veda report, it was tackled before the submission. He also arranged a valuation for the property, again ensuring that it would comply with the lender’s requirements. Paul also arranged for all other debts to be cleared, which provided us with confidence that we were in safe hands. He always kept us informed of the transaction and his involvement with the lender, mortgage manager and their solicitors, ensuring that we met the deadline as planned.

Q. If you had to choose 3 reasons why you would recommend Paul to others – what would they be?

  1. He is very professional in all his dealings with clients and understands client’s needs and the lender’s processes. He provides comprehensive solutions for all types of finance.
  2. Paul is always available.
  3. He keeps you informed all the way throughout the process, through thick and thin, and happily goes that extra mile to assist all his clients.

Sandy & Dean, Franchisees

Q. What was important to you in choosing a broker to assist you with finance for your recent Franchise Purchase?

It was important to us to have a broker who knew the requirements of borrowing within a self managed super fund. It was also important that we had a broker we felt we could trust and that we could get along with.

Q. How did you find out about Paul from Flakus & Associates?

Our Financial Planner highly recommended Paul and he worked closely with him to enable us to achieve our goal.

Q. How would you describe the experience of dealing with Paul and getting finance organised?

Paul was very professional and well organised. He was also very good and with follow through. Throughout the entire process he followed up with other parties involved to ensure our best interests were paramount.

Q. If you had to choose 3 reasons why you would recommend Paul to others – what would they be?

1. Good understanding of the field and requirements.

2. Excellent eye for detail.

3. Friendly and helpful.

Jan Griffiths, Simply Helping Franchisee

“I originally thought my application would be relatively straightforward. After being given the run-around for 6 weeks, the frustration mounted as I had made virtually no progress. I decided then that I should use the services of an expert in the field of finance. A colleague of mine referred me to Paul from Flakus & Associates.

After the first meeting, I had a precise list of what I needed so that Paul could compile a conscise application which included projections. He assessed the business concept, showed me independent research he had done and convinced me that the process would be successful. He had a sound idea of whom to approach and explained why. And he was right.

I would highly recommend Paul to others because he :

  • Had a precise understanding of the franchise sector and what financing was required (and achievable).
  • Was available 24 x 7 to respond to queries.
  • Followed up from start to finish – including being present when contracts were signed after he ensured that everything was correct and in order.

Paul provided sound advice on options available and was able to substantiate his reasons for every proposal made. Thank you, Paul!

Ann White, Director, Landmark Software P/L

We chose to go with Flakus and Associates because Paul understood our situation better than the banks. With the lending environment of commercial banks, especially given our long standing business, it became difficult for the commercial banks to fully understand our future business requirements.

Therefore, tt was important to work with someone who we trust to represent us honestly and who understands both our needs and the other funding parties and their requirements, and who can navigate through the process on our behalf. Paul and his team fit the bill exactly.

I’ve known Paul for many years as a member of my Rotary club – working with him in business was a natural extension of working with him on community activities.

Paul shepherded us through the maze of finance operations and funding requirements. He was able to explain why and how to proceed through each step. He was always right on top of the process and made us feel confident we could achieve our finance goals, even as others were telling us we would not succeed.

At the end of the day, he ensured we got the funding we were looking for.

3 things that stood out to us about Paul is his integrity, perseverance, and competency. He is well versed in commercial finance options and he has a solid reputation with the lenders he interacts with. That’s the difference Paul brings to the table.

Arun Marappan, Nando’s Franchisee

Q. What was important to you in choosing a broker to assist you with finance for your recent Franchise Purchase?

I recently purchased a Nando’s Franchise and it was vital to me that I  engaged a Finance Broker who was conversant with commercial lenders in the franchise lending arena. Also, it was important to me to ensure that the right package was obtained based on my financial position and requirement, and present it in the best possible way to banks, so they can make a decision in my favour.

Q. How did you find out about Paul Flakus?

I was referred to Paul by a business broker from Franchise Brokers, Bernie Carroll.

Q. How would you describe the experience of dealing with Paul and getting finance organised?

Very professional, well informed, no hassle, always there. Paul  understood the franchise system and was extremely involved in the entire finance process. His constant engagement with the lender ensured that my financial requirements were obtained.

Q. If you had to choose 3 reasons why you would recommend Paul to others – what would they be?

  • He was there at the start and helped me till the very end of the long process
  • Available to talk at anytime
  • Keeps you informed all the way through the process, whether difficult or not

Shaynee & Dean, Caulfield

We were in the market recently for someone to help us with some finance for a Superannuation Investment. We thought since we have dealt with Paul previously on another property mortgage and he had guided us well, we would trust him to help us. We had decided to lock in a partial fixed rate on the same mortgage recently and Paul had been there to guide us along the way.

We were introduced to Paul some time ago by a bank we were seeking to get a mortgage from. From day one, Paul seemed to really care about the individuals and their life story and how they sit behind all the numbers. So, while he represents us technically and professionally, he always seemed to have his ‘finger on the pulse’ of the ‘real life concerns’ that his clients have. He was able to accommodate and inform us at every point of the process how desktop decisions affect our ‘real life’.

Throughout the process, Paul made it very easy for us. He comes to our home, usually after hours with all the paperwork drafted and ready for action. He is very experienced and skilled at explaining the policies and procedures especially for lay people like us minus all the bank and legal jargon.

We would highly recommend Paul without hesitation because Paul does what he say’s he’ll do. He is proactive and totally committed to achieving the best outcome for his client. For example, when representing a claim to the bank for reimbursement of fees related to late settlement because of a bank error. That was something that happened to us and he took the initiative and prompted us and helped us with the procedure.

Paul always provides his clients with a lot of helpful information to help them really understand the choices they need to make. Paul is really easy to deal with, simply put – a really good guy to deal with!

David Masters, Hornsby Electric P/L

We have been dealing with Paul for the last 10 years. Over that time, he has assisted our business with equipment finance, helping to secure funding via various equipment finance providers who matched our needs.

Recently, we looked to Paul again to assist with a total re-structure of my personal finance in order to seek additional finance for my growing business.

I discovered that the current commercial banker who is looking after me had insufficient understanding of my present and future business needs to provide a satisfactory service.

I found that dealing with a local branch banker can be very frustrating because they would not return my phone calls and was constantly seeking more information before they can start the process. In the end, it all became too hard and I pulled the plug with my current bank.

I looked to Paul to come in and pick up where the trail went cold with the local bank. Paul became totally involved in the transaction to refinance all of the facilities, locating a commercial banker he had a strong relationship with to firstly discuss the proposal, and upon receiving a favourable response, commencing the process of restructuring and taking full control of the entire process. This allowed me to focus on my growing business, giving me peace of mind and the ability to keep the business going as I knew I was dealing with a proven, professional finance broker.

This meant a lot to me. The successful outcome to totally refinance and restructure enabled me to improve my cashflow and additionally, Paul managed to obtain extra funding to meet my future requirements. As a result of this, all facilities in the business are now match funded.

Paul’s negotiation skills and extensive experience also enabled him to secure favourable pricing and rates. He carefully checked the new lenders Loan Letters of Offer for the fine and small prints. This gave me confidence to accept the lender’s offer, knowing full well I was in good hands.

Paul is a professional finance broker who goes above and beyond the normal course of a broker and provides 100% commitment to his clients. He takes the pain out of dealing with the banks. He understands small business operators like myself who are hampered by many constraints, including time, paperwork, and trouble dealing with banks who are not very sympathetic to our needs.

Just having him available takes the pain out of the transaction and dealing with lenders. He understands the various banks’ requirements and works closely and diligently with them to achieve the desired win-win outcomes for the business operator and the bank.

Brad Jones, Director of Finance, VARS Cleaning Service P/L

As this was our first business venture, it was important for us to choose someone who is informed and would always have our best interest in mind. Buying a business can be a daunting experience so it was important that we felt comfortable every step of the way. It was imperative that we engage the services of a broker who can guide us through the process and get the right advice to be able to achieve the finance we required.

Paul was recommended by a friend. Dealing with Paul was effortless. He explained the process in great detail so we knew exactly what stage we were at, and what was required to achieve our finance. He was very professional and informative throughout the entire process.

His reliability enabled us to sleep at night and we knew that we were making the right decisions. We could not have done this without Paul’s guidance and knowledge of the finance world. When you are investing so much time and money, it is important that you get it right and with Paul’s help we were able to achieve this.

We would recommend Paul because of his knowledge and experience, his attention to detail and ability to keep us informed, and his utter professionalism to get the job done.

Mark Shattock, Director, Coffee Central Plus

My wife and I first became acquainted with Paul Flakus 8 years ago from an ad. During this time Paul became our business/financial consultant, offering advice regarding the up-to-date business finance scene. Although we were unsure then as to the type of business that would suit us, Paul was always willing to share his knowledge and experience for any ideas that we had.

Owning a coffee/café business was our dream for many years. Without pressuring, Paul offered relevant advice and suggestions. When it finally came time to pursue our dream, Paul was ready to support. Having taken the time to meet us in the prospective business itself, Paul provided his overall opinion of the business’ operation as well as advice on current financial/asset arrangements with suggestions for improvement and future success.

It was important for us to have ease of access, good rates and someone who is decisive and knew every aspect of lending. He took care of the startup and current financing for our business. It was stress-free and I was confident that he would help us get the best deal. Paul is very friendly and easy to talk to. This helped me focus on the other things I had to deal with in starting a new business.

Paul still takes an active interest in our business today. He is trustworthy and very thorough. We would highly recommended Paul to anyone looking for a hassle-free approach to starting a business with exceptional advice and support given. He will give you peace of mind, an extraordinary knowldge of the financial world, and down-to-earth honesty and reliability. Thank you Paul.

G Alan Bence, Managing Director, BRM Global Logistics

The biggest problem we have as a new startup business is cash flow. This is why we needed a bank/broker to help us with finance for our business. As with most small businesses seeking a better deal or just a deal, you read and listen to the advertising and marketing blurb that all banks promote. I had visited all the major banks, put my business case forward, and received the same response, “Do you have security? Fill in the business applications and well get back to you. If you have real estate security we can offer a cheaper rate”. After all this tedious running around and filling in forms, we still had no luck securing finance.

Then, a colleague of mine recommended I contact Paul. After my first phone call with him, he made me feel a little more positive and that all was not lost. I checked his web site and was impressed with his previous testimonials and overall services he and his company provided.

Paul was brilliant. He left nothing to chance, covered all the bases. He met me at my business on several occasions and discussed how he would proceed not only with seeking working capital finance for the business, but how he can re-arrange our personal finances to be more effective.

He worked well with our internal and external accountants to discuss various aspects of the business, presently and going forward. He kept us informed at all times of the status of the progress with the bank he was liaising with. He helped us obtain a higher working capital facility than was initially required. He even introduced me to the Commercial Banker from ANZ that had obtained the approval (WOW!)

Paul enabled me to focus on my business, always knowing that he would provide a positive outcome in the end – this was the best value Paul provided to me as a business owner.

I would recommend Paul to others because he is highly professional and knowledgeable (his past financial services background certainly adds value). Paul understands the clients’ needs and works closely with all parties to gain a positive outcome. He is a great advocate to have on your side and I cannot speak more highly of this guy.

Thanks once again Paul!

Gerard & Claire Flavelle

We have known Paul Flakus for over 6 years. We first met Paul when we were looking for a better business lending arrangement. We were so impressed with Paul’s professionalism. He was such a great guy we had no hesitation in utilizing his knowledge, contacts and willingness to help.

After many years in the rental market, we were keen to purchase a house we could call our own. Most people find this task quite daunting but knowing we were in the best hands arranging our finances, buying a house became enjoyable. We inspected many properties and we both felt really relaxed knowing that all we had to do was to find the right one.

On several occasions we phoned Paul and discussed properties that were of interest to us. It was never a problem for Paul who quickly responded, supplying us with up-to-date information on current property prices within the exact street location. He even offered to assist in attending the auction even though he had other commitments that day.

We also used Paul’s recommended Professional Services upon purchasing the right one. We dealt with Stephanie Pitts from Aussie Spect for our building and pest inspection and Colleen Buck from Cheltenham Conveyancing Services. We were more than pleased with their services, assistance and very reasonable prices. We would gladly recommend them to anyone wishing to purchase a home as well.

Paul had the finance arranged effectively via Wide Bay Australia and once we had finally settled on a purchase, the lender “wrapped” the dealup within 10 days. Well done to the lender for meeting the tight deadline!

Thank you so much Paul for everything you have done for us. We are over the moon with our new home and the kids love it too. You took the stress out of the equation and made buying a home a real breeze. It gave us time to focus on the most important part which is to be 100% sure we were buying the right ‘home sweet home’ for us.

Craig & Julie Thatcher, Heyfield News / Lotto

When we initially decided on the purchase of a newsagency (and were getting blank looks from local bankers), we googled specialised finance brokers and were eventually referred to Paul. His web site gave us comfort and confidence that we have finally found a professional broker with many years of finance experience, especially in the area we were going into.

Right from the start, Paul was able to point us in the right direction. He worked continuously on new deals as circumstances changed. He helped negotiate a good purchase price and worked diligently with the Banks to get the best deal for us. Paul was able to liaise with the vendors’ business broker to ensure that all the bases were covered and that all the issues were addressed. He was in constant contact with our lawyers throughout the transaction to ensure that all the legal requirements were in order.

With Paul working on cashflows business plans and negotiations with the banks, it took considerable pressure off me and allowed me to focus on the many other things happening at the same time. He also carefully reviewed our plans and submissions for the industry stakeholders to ensure that we were well positioned and that the outcomes were favorable to us.

Paul worked tirelessly to get a great deal with the bank even though at some stage it looked like all was lost. We had absolutely no idea where to start with the process (ie dealing with publishers, tattslotto etc.) but Paul was able to give good timely advise and guide us through the entire process. Contact with Paul was always professional. He would always be available and if he missed our calls, he would return calls promptly. It has been a pleasure dealing with a true professional who is himself a small business owner. His guidance throughout our time with him was nothing short of excellent.

Sue and Mark who purchased a commercial property in Braeside for their business and investment strategy

Paul was initially refered to us by our accountant in November 2009. He spoke highly of his professionalism and the services offered. At first, Paul facilitated an investment facility for us to acquire a future commercial property which we finally purchased and settled in February 2011.

Right from the very beginning in November 2009, Paul had been very professional, making us feel comfortable and put our mind at ease about our future endeavour. He took us diligently through every stage of the process. Nothing was ever too hard to for him to handle. With his wide network of associates, Paul was able to take care of everything. Additionally, he was always in constant contact so we were always aware of what was going on throughout the entire process. This made the whole experience stress free for both of us.

It meant the world to us knowing that everything was in Paul’s experienced and safe hands. With his previous banking and finance background, he was able to provide professional guidance on every aspect of the transaction and liaised with the lenders on our behalf to obtain the best suited finance structure for our business and investment.

We would highly recommend Paul because he is very profesional, ethical and honest. He always has your interest at heart and puts you at ease right from the start. He goes to great lengths to explain in detail what he is doing in regards to the finance in laymans terms. This resulted in our peace of mind engaging with Paul as our licensed Finance broker.

Christine & Don Seymour, Moe Authorised Newsagency

We had successfully owned a small newsagency for a few years before an opportunity arose recently to purchase a main newsagency in town. As we were interested to add this bigger opportunity to our current one, we approached the bank for a loan, but this proved fruitless.

A family member referred us to Paul who was said to be a professional broker with extensive knowledge in the newsagency industry. We told Paul of our intention to combine the two businesses into one. He was certainly very experienced and knowledgeable, knows the industry well and was able to work through the intricacies and maze of issues in every aspect of the transaction.

As a licensed Finance Broker, Paul was available on every occasion and visited us often to update us with details of the transaction and requirements. He liaised closely with the bank, our lawyers and accountants to make sure nothing was left out. His professionalism and attention to detail meant that we could continue working in our current business without the hassles and burden of follow-ups and distractions.

Having Paul acting on our behalf meant that we were always in safe and reliable hands keeping us informed and in constant contact to put our minds at ease. He was always available and resolved any emerging issues rapidly, keeping not only us but also our solicitors and accountants well informed.

We were thoroughly pleased with Paul and the results of our transaction. We would recommend Paul highly to anyone keen to purchase any type of business because of his professionalism and knowledge.

Stephen & Jodie Brown, Baker’s Delight, Frankston

Paul was recommended highly to us by our accountant. Right from the start, Paul was very professional, he made us feel very comfortable and put us at ease about our future endeavour. He was very patient and took us through every stage of the process confidently. The process was much smoother than we anticipated and nothing was ever too hard for Paul to handle.

With his previous banking and finance background, Paul was able to provide very comprehensive professional guidance on the transaction and liased with lenders on our behalf very effectively. Being a business owner himself, he understood our needs and concerns intuitively and helped us obtain the best finance structure for our business.

With his wide network of associates, Paul took care of everything. He was always in constant contact with us so we were aware of everything every step of the way. This made our experience stress free and pleasant. It meant the world to us that everything was in Paul’s experienced and safe hands.

We would recommend Paul to anyone as he is very professional and puts you at ease right from the start. Peace of mind, really.

Matthew & Kirsty, residential home loan

In choosing our broker, we thought it was very important to have the confidence in the decisions and advice he or she was going to offer to us. As we had no preference for which bank or product, we felt comfortable to go with our broker and his or her advice.

We originally found out about Paul a few years ago through Kirsty’s brother. She had then met with him and he gave her some financial advice on a unit she was letting. When it was time for us to look for a broker, she suggested we meet with him based on the advice she was given previously.

Both of us have had nothing but excellent service and a great relationship from the day we agreed to go with Paul. He exceeded our expectations firstly in providing clear and sound financial advice, then arranged every facet of getting the loan organised and dealing with the bank. The whole process was made easy for us, and we felt so comfortable and relaxed knowing that Paul was on the job. We knew he was only a phone call away at any time and if any questions arose, Paul would have rectified it with his experience.

We would highly recommend Paul because you will have the confidence knowing that you are getting the best financial advice that is tailored to your personal circumstances. He will provide a service that is followed through from the start to the finish, available at any time and never the feeling that you have just been filed away like what may happen with other companies. Paul is just a great person to deal with, you can sit down and relax with him. If there’s one person who is going to guide you through some of the most important decisions in your life and make a clear start on it, Paul is just the person to do it.

Rod Kind, Carnegie News / Tatts

When I was looking for a broker, it was very important to me to choose one who had the industry knowledge but at the same time, I felt it crucial that he or she would understand my needs as well.
Paul was recommended to me through the newsagency industry originally some time ago. Since then, I have used him several times. Dealing with Paul allowed me to concentrate on what I needed to do moving to a new business, as I knew that if Paul was dealing with lenders, that gave me the confidence to move forward in the other things I was managing.

Moreover, Paul was not only able to organise finance but he was extremely helpful with any other general finance queries that I had come across in the business. Knowing that Paul was on the job always gave me peace of mind.

I would highly recommend Paul as he is reliable, has integrity and most importantly, vast knowledge and experience that ultimately saves you time and gives you peace of mind when purchasing a business.

Peter and Christine Toohey, Briar Hill Newsagency, Lotto and Post Office

New Owners of Briar Hill Newsagency, Lotto and Post Office.

We chose a broker because it took the worry out of getting finance. We do many business plans and applications through different suppliers and agencies so we found by going through a broker it was one less thing we had to worry about. By going through a broker we were given a number of choices with finance and with the help of Paul we were able to choose one that suited our needs. Having dealt with Paul on previous occasions when obtaining finance we had no hesitations calling him again to arrange our finances.

As before we again found Paul to be excellent in arranging what we wanted for our needs. He assisted us in all aspects of buying the business from the first step till the very end. I would recommend to anybody who is intending to purchase a business or needs help in refinancing a business to contact Paul for a chat. There was no obligation with Paul about financing but his wide range of experience and knowledge is invaluable when assessing your needs. If I was to summarise what we gained from our experience with Paul they would be – honesty, product knowledge, helpful, easy to talk with no pressure to make a decision, availability at all times, willingness to talk things through with you, cares for what he does.

Peter & Anita Quibell

We owned a newsagency between 1992-2002 and Paul was our Finance Broker then. We’ve known Paul for 15 years. Over that time, Paul has helped us refinance our house, finance a business and recently, he has given us invaluable advice for the sale of our old house and the purchasing and financing of a new one. He had also organised the financing for the car for our business.

Paul is always committed to ensuring that we got the best solution for our finance needs. On many occasions, Paul had been able to produce successful outcomes within very tight timeframes. Paul is totally committed and reliable – we never needed to worry because we knew if there was a problem, Paul would take care of it well within the timeframe he said he would. It has and will always be a pleasure to deal with him and we highly recommend Paul to anyone looking for finance in any area.

Vanessa & Mark South, Koonya General Store

Choosing a broker who knows the market and could find the right finance for our needs was the most important reason for our choice. Through a friend, we got to know Paul. As new business owners, the whole experience was a major learning curve, but Paul was always only a phone call away, which is such a peace of mind because my husband was in US and the Carribean. Paul was always on the ball and always informed about the progress.

Paul met all our criteria – professional handling of all our matters, accurate and timely progression of all affairs and Paul really listens to what you have to say, remember those things and his service fully reflects that. We are totally indebted to him, and we have no qualms about recommending him!

Alex & Penny, East Kew Newsagency Distribution and Delivery

We first met Paul in November 2008 when we were embarking on our first venture into purchasing a business. We were looking for an experienced broker in this line of business who could help us navigate as newbies in this venture.

Paul was the pivotal point for all our requirements. From the initial meeting right up to settlement, Paul was there to attend to everything – structuring the finance, liaising with financial institutions, assisting with business plans, cash flows and more. His attention to detail, professionalism and thorough knowledge of the industry made the experience smooth. He was available 24-7 with his network of professionals such as solicitors. We would highly recommend Paul to anyone, especially if you are thinking of buying a business. Contact Paul today, his skills, experience and attitude will impress you.