• Unlucky 13 : Australia’s Worst-Performing Super Funds Named

    Thirteen superannuation funds have failed the federal government’s performance test designed to name and shame underperformers, including funds from the Commonwealth Bank, Westpac’s BT and Christian Super. The Australian Prudential […]

  • Commercial Real Estate Finance

    Considering purchasing a commercial property? This is a growing category of investment for owner-occupiers, investors and those with a Self -Managed Superfund (SMSF). Rates on commercial property loans are currently […]

  • Estate Wills

    With more and more young borrowers, it is worthwhile that they consider preparing a Will. Whilst this may be considered as a “to do for later job”, borrowers need to […]



For me, the 3 most important factors in choosing a bank or broker are trust, honesty and efficiency - Paul aced all 3. Paul was always pleasant and highly professional. He has vast knowledge about the inner workings of banks and businesses because of his deep experience. He is also diligent and very particular as he follows up every detail. He is a shrewd negotiator and persists until the job is done. Paul did all the the leg work and presented the best option for us. He also continually improved the negotiations until we had reached the optimum outcome. I would highly recommend Paul because he is kind, knows the pressures people face in their daily business, and he supports you. Real talk, face-to-face, phone, email - he communicates frequently and is adaptable your preferred mode any time of the day, any day of the week. Prompt, to the point and always the consummate professional. That’s Paul for you. Thank you Paul, I appreciate all you have done for our business. I really could not have done it without your tireless work.

- Naomi, MA Gardens