Much is still being discussed about the Australian economy centering around skills shortages, soaring costs, rising interest rates and dampened consumer confidence, all creating a challenging environment for small businesses.

For small business operators, it is important to act quickly to help to combat some of these issues.

Below are some warning signs that a small business owner should be monitoring carefully :-

  1. Poor Cash Flow
  2. Compliance Obligations
  3. Poor sales growth
  4. Excess Stock
  5. Staff

This type of funding is accessible via FinTech lenders and can be turned around within 7 days.

Most business owners are far too busy to deal with the banks. Plus, bank business hours are not usually convenient, and sometimes are less discreetly conducted.

Engaging the services of a professional finance broker with flexible hours certainly enables the finance broker to become the conduit between the client and the lender, helping to steer the navigation of the process in a discreet, professional and effective manner.

Flakus and Associates is well versed in business finance having recently successfully assisted clients with :-

1. Obtaining business finance, whether that be purchasing an established business ( including franchises)

2. Refinancing of existing facilities

3. Restructuring with current financiers

4. Paying taxation arrears

5. Meeting your business finance requirements.