Much is still being discussed about the Australian economy, mostly centering around skills shortages, soaring costs, rising interest rates, and dampening consumer confidence – all creating a challenging small business sentiment and environment.

For small business operators, it is always important to act quickly to help combat some of these issues and challenges.

Below are some warning signs that small business owners should be looking at carefully, especially in this economic climate :

Poor Cash Flow

  • Are your debtors paying on time (look at offering early payment discounts)?
  • Are sales weakening?
  • Are expenses increasing?
  • Is there overstocking?
  • Are you underpricing?
  • Are your creditors following up on outstanding payments past their due dates?

Compliance Obligations

  • Are you up-to-date with BAS, tax, workers’ compensation, superannuation payments for staff, and other statutory payments?
  • Do you have updated and current accounting data and systems?

Poor sales growth

  • Is the market satisfied with your product and services?
  • Could your competitors could be offering better products and services?

Excess Stock

  • Are you at risk of adverse cash- flow as stock turns could be dented?
  • Could your excess stock become obsolete?
  • Are you being pro-active? Consider selling slow-moving stock at discounts to strengthen cash-flow


  • How is the well-being of your staff? Are they happy? Low morale could lead to low productivity.
  • Are you experiencing a high turnover of staff? This could mean that the business will need to spend more money and time in attracting, recruiting and training staff.

Flakus and Associates is well versed in business finance having successfully assisted clients with :

  • obtaining business finance, whether that be for purchasing an established business (including franchises)
  • refinancing
  • restructuring
  • Paying taxation arrears to meet your business finance requirements

Some loan solutions that Flakus and Associates have assisted clients with over the past 3 months include :

  • Purchase of existing businesses and/or franchises
  • Financing for debtor/invoice funding
  • Asset finance for trucks, trailers, excavators and specialized equipment
  • Short-term working capital
  • Refinancing and purchasing commercial/industrial property
  • Self Managed Super Loans for acquisition of commercial properties

Most business owners are far too busy to deal with the banks. Additionally, banking business hours aren’t usually convenient and possibly discreetly conducted.

Engaging the services of a professional finance broker with flexible hours enables the finance broker to become the conduit between client and lender, to help steer the navigation of the process in a discreet manner, and provide peace of mind that all bases are covered.

Contact Paul to discuss your current business financial position or any future business and equipment finance requirements you may be considering.


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