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It was important for me to find a Finance Broker who was able to get me a loan quickly, as I had to vacate the place I was renting with my two children within 2 months of it being sold. I also needed someone who had experience in getting loans for people who have a lower income and is self- employed. My tax return income was low for the previous 2 years due to COVID-19.
I had gone to many banks, and also had another broker, who had all been unsuccessful in getting me a loan. That’s when I was introduced to Paul, who had helped a friend of a friend I know to get a loan when no bank would give her one. Paul is a real life-saver because he got me a loan when all others failed.
Honestly, I felt like Paul was an angel! He was so efficient and quick with everything. He also engaged the people he was working with to push everything through as quickly as possible so that I was able to settle in time to vacate my other home. Otherwise, I would've had to move twice.
Paul, thank you SO MUCH for all your help. My children and I have our own home now. You have given us the security and peace of mind!

- Carolina Rosa