With Flakus & Associates, you get 5 unique distinctives :

1. You are dealing with a person

When you deal with a consultant from Flakus & Associates, you deal with an industry professional who has had many years of experience and who cares about what you get out of your engagement with us. Every consultant at Flakus & Associates carries the values and perspective of Paul in how they care for and bat for the customer, that’s you. Every time you connect with us, you are connecting with an individual, not a process or procedure and we will always see you as a person, not an application number or a statistic.

2. Industry Experience and Extensive Network

At Flakus & Associates, we know that almost every engagement we have with you will require the support and assistance of other professionals in the industry. Our industry experience and knowhow have been honed and refined over decades of experience through changes in the market, industry and compliance regulation. Our extensive network of accountants, specialists finance consultants, legal and contractual experts and access to the best the industry has to offer in terms of products and services mean that when you come to us, you connect to a wealth of experience and a depth of relationships who share the same values and integrity.

3. Going to bat for you

Our experience in the industry tells us that most of the time, the customers are not really sure if the finance consultants are going to bat for you, the customer. At Flakus & Associates, testimonials time and time again testify to the proven track record that we are a company that truly does go to bat for our customers. From first time business entrepreneurs to seasoned professional investors, customers all testify to the trust they have of our consultants, of the integrity and commitment we have to make the finance process as smooth as possible and put your mind at ease. When issues arise and trouble threatens, our consultants stand up to the test and provide the support and assistance to pull you through.

4. Champion for small business owners

Flakus & Associates are especially passionate about small business owners and seeing them grow and succeed in business. Our credentials and long list especially of satisfied first time business owners who find our service easy to understand, our support unwavering and mind-easing, and our experience and expertise invaluable. They recognise our expertise to uncover every opportunity and avoid any potential hazards and this is a great testimony of us as champions for small business owners. Entrepreneurs, husband-and-wife business partners and franchisees come to us to help them with their business finance, and before long our holistic approach and understanding of the small business owners’ needs and requirements come to the fore. They seek our assistance for all their other professional and personal financial consulting needs.

5. The extra mile

Epitomised by its founder and managing director, Flakus & Associates go the extra mile, period. From quick responses to client needs to doing the extra legwork to get a better solution, our consultants are known in the industry to go further than your average consultant or broker. Flakus & Associates are accessible, ever ready to offer assistance and support and there to answer your questions. From quick, basic financial options to creative, innovative ideas for your special requirements and needs, our consultants are ready to go that extra mile to make your day.