As part of a finance broker’s Client Needs Analysis, Wills, Estate Planning and Powers of Attorney is a crucial topic to be raised in discussions. Often, prospective borrowers do not have a will in place, or it could be outdated, especially if personal circumstances have changed since the writing of the Will.

Younger borrowers, whether single, married or in de-facto relationships, often do not have a Will or Power of Attorney in place. Also, deciding when to step in to assist ageing parents with financial matters can be challenging, especially if the parents are having difficulties managing money and personal affairs. With ageing parents now residing longer in their family homes instead of relocating to residential care, they require ongoing family support.

The growing Home Care Services industry enables ageing parents to remain in their family home longer. This can provide peace of mind as children and parents navigate critical life decisions together.

Paul has associates who can assist with Wills / Estate Planning / Powers of Attorney and Home Care Services – Talk to us today if you need to explore your options.


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