Dying intestate (without a will) can create huge problems for the next-of-kin.

With more borrowers seeking debt regardless of whether they are young or middle-aged, it is worthwhile that they consider preparing a Will. Whilst many may consider this as a “to do later job”, the borrower needs to understand and consider the fall-out that may occur in the event of a mishap and how this can impact this the family unit.

When preparing a Will, make sure that your Accountant, Lawyer and Executor’s all receive a copy of the Will. Additionally, borrowers should always have Powers of Attorney executed.

Since my last newsletter in Autumn 2022, an elderly client had sadly passed away, without leaving an updated Will. The only Will that was in existence was with her late former ex-spouse. She never updated her will after the divorce. Can you imagine what impact this has had on her offspring (who are also my clients)? The daughter of my late elderly deceased client is now left to sort through the issues and has sought the services of any experienced solicitor in this field at an enormous cost. Again, I would like to remind people that whilst people think a Will is “DO LATER” task, it is certainly NOT the case.

Contact Paul TODAY to discuss your will as Paul has associates who would assist in this regard with estate and wills. Do not wait another day!


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