Dying intestate (without a will) can create huge problems for the next-of-kin.

With more borrowers seeking debt regardless of whether they are young or middle aged, it is worthwhile that they consider preparing a Will. Whilst many may consider this a “to do later job”, borrowers need to consider the fall-out in the event of a mishap and what impact this will have on the family unit.

When preparing a Will, make sure that your Accountant, Lawyer and Executors all receive a copy of the Will. Also, borrowers should always have Powers of Attorney executed.

Recently, a client of ours sadly passed away. The survivor, his spouse, was grateful that we had highly recommended a Will and Life insurance prior to purchasing their new home and loan. As a result, his spouse now has no debt and a lump sum to assist with her future. What greater peace of mind would that be in your grief should the unexpected and undesired happen suddenly in your life?

Contact Paul to discuss this as Paul has associates who would assist in this regard with estate and wills.