Many small business owners utilize the equity in their family home to finance their business requirements. You will now be glad to know that today there are many more options available for small business owners in this arena.

Unsecured or partially secured loans from banks usually takes far longer to process as the banks will require applicants to supply at least the past 2 years’ financial statements, bank statements and ATO Portals among a range of other requirements. This is required in order to assess the risk and evaluate the health and viability of the business.

Flakus and Associates has access to several specialist business cash flow lenders whose appetite in this space is growing.

Generally, these types of loans range from $5,000 to several hundred thousand dollars and are set on an unsecured basis.

Applications can be approved in a very short time frame and is ideal for helping businesses overcome cashflow issues. Purposes of this type of funding include day-to-day business operations, paying tax due and covering staff and incidental costs.

Contact Paul today if you or your business is keen to explore this type of business cash flow lending.